Business Services and Interim Executive Roles

interim executive jobs are jobs that a person temporarily manages during a time of transition. He or she is hired to provide stability to a business when a senior leader departs or provide a specialized skill set which a business may not have. In most cases, an intern manager is hired for six months or more.

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What are the benefits in hiring an intern manager? 

There are several benefits in hiring an intern such as speed and experience. An intern can begin work within days with little recruitment or end of work formality. Interim executives are often over qualified; they can begin work without little guidance.

Other benefits

Additional benefits are results and knowledge transfer. Because interim executives are judged by results, they know how to give quality results. They use their experience, skills, and contacts to enhance a company's skills.

They are sensitive to a company's needs and productivity; however, they are not held back by protocols or company politics. This enables them to be objective and clear. In addition, they can initiate dual actions; act as counsel to the Board and work hard to deliver strategy.

How are interim managers used?

Interim executives are highly skilled and experienced in a variety of functions. Examples of how they are used are: as a temporary senior executive to meet an urgent space, lead a transformation project, help reinforce an existing project team or bring a specialized skill to a project.

Tips on finding an interim executive

Finding a quality interim manager with the right skills, experience and personality may seem a daunting task. However, a few tips will help make the process go smoother such as making it clear what specific and relevant skills you are looking for.

Examples may be a need to hire someone who has a more in-depth knowledge of financing or workforce decisions. A candidate should also be examined on his or her experience level and personality. Needs and scope of assignment should also be analyzed. Questions to ask might be:

- What do we want to achieve that can be done better by an interim?

- How should we expect an interim executive to add value to our business?

To conclude, interim manager jobs are jobs that a person temporarily manages during a time of change or transition. Interview several executives and then choose one that will best meet your company's needs, requirements and goals.